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The Vision

The WPLL and the WPLL Foundation strive to make an impact with our nation’s younger female athletes. We have partnered with experts in their respective fields to create a nationwide lacrosse development program that will focus as much on lacrosse as it will on character and leadership. These skills will serve these young women long after their lacrosse careers have ended. We have the opportunity to harness the potential of a generation of lacrosse players to become a generation of high-impact leaders.


The WPLL is a two-part operation: it is both a professional lacrosse league and a development program for the rising talent in our sport. We will prioritize character development as a means to excelling in life on and off of the field. We will provide training for professional and personal development, which includes training for lacrosse, fitness, non-cognitive skills, leadership and even personal branding. The WPLL and our programs are designed to support the growth of girls and women to excel in life, which includes encouraging their dreams, supporting their pursuit of them and fostering an environment in which they can practice creativity and innovation. In short, teaching how life skills can be learned during lacrosse team participation--such as all-important interpersonal / emotional intelligence competencies