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Keep Her In The Game Symposium

By Sam Jaffe , 04/05/19, 11:45AM EDT


This past weekend WPLL pros Amanda Leavell (Fire) and Lauren Murray (Pride) took part in the Keep Her In The Game symposium, presented by Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS). Designed specifically with female athletes in mind, Keep Her In The Game focused on sharing real-life experiences with the next generation of players, helping to educate, empower, and inspire them. 

“I feel unbelievably grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in such an incredible event. It was awe inspiring to see the spark in the girls eyes as they heard from strong, passionate, and fearless women who are absolute forces to be reckoned with in each of their fields. The room overflowed in love, encouragement, and empowerment,” explained Amanda Leavell. 

As the world’s leading academic medical center focused on musculoskeletal health, it is part of HSS’s mission to enable young female athletes to continue in sports. Recent studies show that girls are quitting sports at 1 ½ the rate that boys do by the age of 14, and by 17, more than half of girls will quit sports altogether. Through holding events like Keep Her In The Game in conjunction with partners like ESPNW, HSS aims to connect with today’s female athletes, inspiring them to continue playing the games that they love. 

As part of the event Leavell and Murray joined a panel discussion  titled “Supporting the Female Athlete” featuring Antonietta Collins, Dr. Jo Hannafin, Avital Shimko, and Katherine Valdez. Each women had a different sports experience, providing attendees with a unique conversation. Crista Samaras, CEO and Founder of WPLL partner Brave Enterprises, led the group in a warmup exercise and former Princeton lacrosse player/former WNBA COO Ann Rodriguez took part in the “Keep Her in the Game” panel.

Learn more about HSS and their commitment to female athletes here: