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BC Trio of Apuzzo, Arsenault, Kent, Go 1-2-3 in 2019 WPLL Spring Draft

By Jon Bird, 04/25/19, 8:30PM EDT


Eagles and Members of the Canadian National Team Highlight List of 25 Players Invited to Join the WPLL for the 2019 Season

A trio of talented seniors from #1 ranked Boston College, attacker Sam Apuzzo (#1 Pick, WPLL Fight), midfielder Dempsey Arsenault (#2 Pick, WPLL Brave), and attacker Kenzie Kent (#3 Pick, WPLL Command) highlight the list of 25 athletes selected to join the Women’s Professional Lacrosse League in the 2019 WPLL Spring Draft, with Northwestern / Team Canada star Selena Lasota (#4 Pick, WPLL Fire) and Maryland / Team Canada midfielder Erica Evans (#5 Pick, WPLL Pride) rounding out the players selected in the first round. See the full results of the 2019 WPLL Spring Draft. 

Though just the WPLL’s second Spring Draft, the 2019 WPLL Spring Draft Class has the potential to go down as one of the most talented classes the league will ever see. With the 2019 college season still underway, and more awards set to come, the draftees have already accumulated an impressive list of honors. 14 players have been named All-Americans, 7 players have won NCAA Championships, and 8 players have played at the international level for Team USA and Team Canada.

“As a league one of our goals is to continue raising the level of talent we field each and every season,” explained WPLL Commissioner Jen Adams. “With this mission in mind, we are thrilled to welcome the group of players selected in the 2019 WPLL Spring Draft. Their accomplishments in college and at the international level speak for themselves, and we are excited to see how their games will transition at the pro level.”

The 2019 WPLL Spring Draft consisted of five rounds and gave each of the five WPLL teams to select five new players to join their team for the WPLL season, bringing each team’s final roster to 25 players. The 11 midfielders, 8 attackers, 5 defenders, and 1 goalie selected have the opportunity to play in the most competitive women’s lacrosse league the world has ever seen. 23 of the players drafted in the 2019 WPLL Spring Draft are current college seniors while #9 pick Emily Garrity Parros (UNC / Team USA, WPLL Brave) and #22 pick Carolyn Jamison (UMBC, WPLL Brave) graduated in 2013 and 2018.

In addition to drafting 25 players to join active rosters, the 2019 WPLL Spring Draft selected 6 current college seniors and one 2011 graduate as WPLL Pool Players. While not currently on a full-time roster, WPLL Pool Players have the opportunity to take part in WPLL Pro Days, work at WPLL clinics, and be called up to play in WPLL games should a team need players to fill their travel roster. The WPLL Pool Player additions are: Avery Shoemaker (UVA, attack), Haley Hicklen (Florida, goalie), Hanna Haven (JMU, attack), Hannah Powers (Loyola, attack), Hannah Proctor (Notre Dame, defense), and Kara Klages (UNC, midfield), and Liz Hogan, Syracuse / Team USA, goalie).

“There are so many talented college seniors out there, and unfortunately we cannot field all qualified players on WPLL rosters at this time,” explains Adams. The WPLL Player Pool allows players that were not drafted to WPLL rosters to have an opportunity to play a vital role in the league while being considered for future playing opportunities should they present themselves."

See a summary of the first round of the 2019 WPLL Spring Draft below:

2019 WPLL Spring Draft Class

1) Sam Apuzzo, BC, Attack, FIGHT

2) Dempsey Arsenault, BC, Midfield, BRAVE

3) Kenzie Kent, BC, Attack, COMMAND

4) Selena Lasota, Northwestern, Attack, FIRE

5) Erica Evans, Maryland, Midfield, PRIDE

6) Jen Giles, Maryland, Midfield, PRIDE

7) Maggie Jackson, Virginia, Midfield, FIRE

8) Olivia Jenner, Duke, Attack, COMMAND

9) Emily Garrity Parros, UNC, Midfield, BRAVE

10) Lindsey Ronbeck, Florida, Attack, FIGHT

11) Elizabeth George, Princeton, Midfield, FIGHT

12) Kayla Brisolari, Penn State, Midfield, BRAVE

13) Miranda Stinson, Colorado, Attack, COMMAND

14) Taylor VanThof, Loyola, Midfield, FIRE

15) Sydney Pirreca, Florida, Midfield, PRIDE

16) Elizabeth Miller, BC, Defense, PRIDE

17) Francesca Whitehurst, Georgetown, Midfield, FIRE

18) Julia Braig, Maryland, Defense, COMMAND

19) Caroline Sdanowich, JMU, Defense, BRAVE

20) Lindsey Ehrhardt, Loyola, Defense, FIGHT

21) Megan Taylor, Maryland, Goalie, FIGHT

22) Carolyn Jamison, UMBC, Midfield, BRAVE

23) Izzy Nixon, Yale, Attack, COMMAND

24) Charlotte Sofield, UNC, Defense, FIRE

25) Caroline Steele, Maryland, Attack, PRIDE


Avery Shoemaker, UVA, Midfielder

Haley Hicklen, Florida, Goalie

Hanna Haven, JMU, Attack

Hannah Powers, Loyola, Attack

Hannah Proctor, Notre Dame, Defender

Kara Klages, UNC, Midfield

Liz Hogan, Syracuse / Team USA, Goalie


Featuring the top post-collegiate women’s lacrosse players in the world, the Women’s Professional Lacrosse League gives players an opportunity to continue their playing careers well after graduation while also working to empower the next generation of talent through the WPLL Futures Program. The 2019 WPLL Season kicks off on June 2, with a doubleheader -- Pride vs. Fight and Command vs. Fire – at Gillette Stadium. Action continues on June 22, in Baltimore, followed by stops in Richmond, Va. (June 14 and 15), Philadelphia (July 6), and Long Island (July 20). All 2019 WPLL games will be streamed through ESPN3 and ESPNU.


About the Women’s Professional Lacrosse League

Founded in 2017 by 4x All-American, and two-time World Champion Michele DeJuliis, the WPLL is a professional league made up of 125 of the top post-collegiate female lacrosse players in the world and a youth development league connecting with the top high school players in the country. For both our professional and our youth players, the WPLL prioritizes character development as a means to excel in life on and off the field. The WPLL uses lacrosse as a vehicle to provide girls with skills that allow them to not only become better athletes, but also grow into confident and brave women. Thanks to a partnership with ESPN, in 2019 fans can tune in to all regular season WPLL games on ESPN3 and the Championship on ESPNU. For more information, visit, and follow on social media:

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