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WPLL Players Share Their 2018 Lacrosse Resolutions

By Jon Bird, 01/01/18, 7:30PM EST


Players from each WPLL team share what skills and habits they hope to improve in 2018.

Happy New Year from the WPLL! No matter what level you're at, there are always ways for you to improve your game. We asked the pros what their 2018 lacrosse resolutions are, and from playing more wall ball to working on footwork, our players have big things planned for 2018! See their resolutions below!


Kelsea Donnelly, Baltimore Brave           

To do more tennis ball work outs. These workouts help me have quicker hands and it works on my hand eye coordination. Also using my weighted stick more often when I get shots in cage!

Kelly McQuilkin, Baltimore Brave            

To be more creative with my stick trick routines!

Kelsey Sheridan, Baltimore Brave

My New Year's resolution is to get stronger by lifting 3 times a week for an hour!

Bridget Bianco, New England Command

My 2018 Lacrosse Resolution is to keep up with my footwork and get my old teammate and roommate Haydyn to shoot on me every week to get ready to stop shots this season for the Command.

Gabby Capuzzi, New England Command              

Try a new conditioning challenge every week.

Megan Douty, New England Command

In 2018 I would like to find more time for wall ball and speed/agility (footwork) drills!

Steph Lazo, New England Command

My New Years resolution is to hit the gym more and find time for wall ball at least once a day!

Sarah Lloyd, NE Command

My resolution for 2018 is to find time to play wall ball and/or work on stickwork with a partner at least 2x/week throughout the winter and spring in order to prep for the upcoming season. I also aim to incorporate the speed and movement skill drills I use for training into a more active, lacrosse-specific set of shooting drills if I can find a goal while living in San Diego all winter!

Bailey Mathis, New England Command

Improving my footwork by introducing new, and more complicated ladder routines into my practices and workouts.

Amber McKenzie, New England Command

At the end of each year I am in awe of how fast the year really goes. One of my new years resolutions is to be more present in everyday situations. When I am training at the gym I want to focus on every run, every ladder, every weight session. Give everything I have at the present time.

Kara Mupo, New England Command

It is my 2018 lacrosse resolution to be more of a dual-threat attacker and have more balanced statistics this season. I want to facilitate the offense and find more ways for my teammates to score. It is my goal to have at least 50-50 ratio in goals-assists!

Danielle Spencer, New England Command

I will be working to improve my 2-point shot so I can generate more points for my team!

Taylor Cummings, New York Fight

My lacrosse New Year’s Resolution is to hit the wall more and to continue to try to incorporate more cross training into my workouts. I tend to be cardio heavy, so with 2018, I’m hoping to lift more, do more circuits, etc. along with hitting the wall.

Daniela Eppler, New York Fight

Strengthen my core to be able to rip some sick 2 pointers this season

Caroline Fitzgerald, New York Fight

To live an all-around healthier lifestyle from eating to training and working to get fitter each day

Emily Kift, New York Fight

Find more time to get extra shots at Patterson park with the local Baltimore crew

Casey Bocklet, Philadelphia Fire              

My lacrosse resolution for 2018 is to take extra shooting reps after my High School team practices.

Lauren Lea, Philadelphia Fire

By the time the New Year rolls around I will be 4 months post-op from my shoulder surgery. My 2018 Lacrosse Resolution is to attack every workout and therapy session with passion and high intensity so I am able to come back better than I was pre-op. I've used this injury as motivation to be the best teammate and player that I can be for not only the Philadelphia Fire team but for the entire WPLL organization.

Hannah Nielsen, Philadelphia Fire

Pretty simple one this year. Cook more, eat out less!

Haley Schweizer, Philadelphia Fire

At a busy time for me now, preparing for more schooling while working, finding time to fit in some of my regime has been hard. For the New Year, I would like to focus more on enhancing the amount and effectiveness of my workouts. By incorporating agility drills, ladders, and strength training, I feel I can be at my best for the upcoming season. Lastly, I’d like to leave a positive impact daily on my coworkers and others that I might interact with, as this practice of good attitude and presence will translate on the field and to my teammates.

Lauren Murray, Upstate Pride

Finding creative spots to train and practice in NYC!

Renee Poullott, Upstate Pride

My 2018 lacrosse resolution would be to focus on fine tuning my save techniques and to take as many live reps, to better prepare myself for competition!

Mollie Stevens, Upstate Pride

My 2018 Lacrosse Resolution is taking more time out of my days to work on my skills and getting back into game shape. I want to be ready for when season comes!

Molly Wolf, Upstate Pride

This year, I want to focus on my fitness! I want to work harder in the gym, have faster footwork, and be the strongest player on the field.