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DeGarmo's Diary: Day 3 in Japan

By Ellie DeGarmo, 11/11/18, 8:00PM EST


A Day Filled with Kimonos, Clinics, and a Birthday Celebration for Meg Douty!

DeGarmo's Diary: Day 3

This morning was rather leisurely as we recovered from yesterday’s game. Tomo, our fearless Japanese leader, brought a collection of her and her mother’s kimonos for us to try on. She had both summer and winter kimonos in a variety of patterns. Kelsea Donnelly, Kelly McQuilkin, and I were fitted with summer kimonos (known as yukatas), which are worn during summer festivals. We opted for yukatas because they are simpler to put together, not needing to be lined with padding. Still, the whole process took about 20 minutes per person. We thought the belts, or “obis” were tight, but Tomo told us that they are usually much, much tighter!  

For lunch, we snacked on food from MOS Burger, Japan’s second largest fast-food chain (after McDonalds!). 

At 2:45pm we left for our fifth and final walk to Urayasu City Sports Park. We had about 30 boys and girls for our two-hour youth clinic. We started with some demos and then split the group up and rotated them through four different stations: shooting, defensive positioning, draws, and dodges. The kids were eager to learn and improved a lot over the course of the session. After snapping pictures and signing some autographs, we went back to our hotel to shower and get ready for the evening ahead!

At 5pm we left for Shibuya, the Japan version of Times Square (or is Times Square the United States version of Shibuya?). Unlike in New York, however, Shibuya had more than just one main drag of digital screens and billboards. There were also winding alleyways coming off of these center streets, featuring smaller stores. We spent a couple hours searching for souvenirs and and marveling at the scene around us. 

At 7:45pm the shopping groups met back up at our meeting spot, the Shibuya Crossing Starbucks (the busiest Starbucks in the world). We walked a few blocks and made it to the restaurant where our group had our own dining room. We finished the evening singing happy birthday to our (newly 26 year old) Megan Douty and eating vanilla cake. Happy birthday, Megan!! 

I can’t believe today was our last full day, but we still have a packed morning of adventures awaiting us tomorrow before we have to head to the airport!